Alicante style: Part two.


As you guys know I did a travel vlog for this trip and I'm just showcasing my vaycay style with you guys in these Alicante style posts. If you missed the vlog on my last post here it is again. Don't forget to like and subscribe on Youtube :P . 

I try to keep fit when I am on holiday because, boy do I indulge. I definitely come back from my trips a lot softer than when I first arrive. I show a little glimpse of what quick mini workout I like to do. The only annoying thing about working out in this hotel was the air conditioner was s**t. This resulted in me sweating like a pig and I could hardly breath at times.

Second look here was before we headed out to dinner one of the nights. I love this ruffle top from Primark, Missguided shorts and the fluffiest sandals from Zara.

The third was another pretty dinner look. An amazing fuschia pink dress from Primark/Penneys. The colour looked fantastic against my tan and it wasn't too clingy so I could eat what I wanted without feeling like a beach whale in my pretty dress.

Here we rented a car for the day and went on a mini adventure to Alicante city then on to La Vila Joiosa. We got to Alicante early in the day, I would say around 11 and we had breakfast in one of the Cafe's along the Marina. We explored the city because it's ridiculously beautiful and then ventured to our next spot. We left Alicante city around 2pm. I really loved this city, it reminded me of what I imagine LA to be like. Full of palm trees, sun, cool boutiques and beautiful buildings.

Here I am wearing this double denim look from Zara, did I mention I love double denim?

Our last stop on our day adventure was La Vila Joiosa. I can not recommend a visit to this town enough. It is so beyond beautiful here, full of life and colour. The streets are so nice to explore, each one more charming than the last.

I wore a cute ribbon tie top from Forever 21 and a denim skirt which I got in Primark. I didn't like how long the Primark/Pennys skirt was or the weird finish it had so I got my scissors out and chopped it and frayed the ends to make it my unique. One of my favourite looks of the holiday.

And to finish our day of exploring, we had some down time by the beach. I wore the prettiest swimsuit you ever did see from Aliexpress. 


Stephanie x