Koh Samui.

From Koh Tao we got the boat to Koh Samui. I was kind of glad to be leaving Koh Tao to be honest. It wasn't my favourite island.

Our hotel in Koh Samui was so beautiful. We stayed in the Banburee resort and spa. We were in Koh Samui for two days so we chose to pick somewhere nice and quiet with a nice pool. This hotel ticked all the boxes.

The hotel itself was so beautiful, surrounded by huge grounds and welcoming staff. I find everyone in Thailand to just be so welcoming and friendly. The food in the hotel was really good but a bit on the pricey side for what we've been paying in Thailand so far.

About a 15 minute walk from the hotel was the most delicious waffle cafe I have ever been to. The way they presented the waffles alone won bonus points for me, definitely instagram worthy. They really went through such an effort to make your mouth water before you even ate it. I would 100% recommend this cafe if you are ever in this part of Koh Samui, actually I recommend you go to Koh Samui just for these waffles. The ‘Fabfe Fabulous Cafe’  also had the most stunning scenic view of the mountains close by, it really brought the ambiance of this place to life.

In Koh Samui we really enjoyed the area we were in. We went on a long walk one of the evenings to check it out. Our hotel wasn't really near anything which was annoying if you wanted to run to the shop to grab a bar or something but it was so nice and peaceful here, filled with stunning landscapes and plenty of Palm trees (my favourite). We ate lots of waffles, chilled by the pool and listened to the most mesmerising duo sing in the hotel bar in the evenings that we were here.


Love always,

Stephanie x