Phi phi take 2!

Day four:


We met up with some friends that we made in Koh Tao at the Ibiza pool party. This place was crazy, everyone was on such a good buzz and splashing the water like mad to the beat of the music! You wouldn't want to go here and not get wet because you couldn't avoid it!

After this we all went back to our hotels to get ready and headed to the Italian next to our hotel for dinner. I had three cheese ravioli here and it was amazing. Italian food is by far my favourite so when pizza and pasta are involved I am at my happiest, especially when it is good Italian food. We then headed out for a few drinks, all the bars here close pretty early compared to the other islands (2am) so get out early to really enjoy your night. The nightlife here was one of my favourites.

On our last day we booked to do the Pirate boat tour. I couldn't recommend this particular tour any more. Firstly, it's the best price you're going to find for a day boat tour, and secondly, it's on a pirate boat. Need I say more? The boat itself it so cool, somebody who worked on the boat said it took their boss seven years to build it. On this tour you get to see all the spots you want. It stopped off at monkey beach for 30 minutes. You can't touch the money's because they are wild and they may bite but I was literally the happiest girl ever here. Monkeys are my favourite animal! Trying to get a selfie with them is so hard because they just keep moving lol. Eventually though, I found one that was sleeping in the shade and tried to get a selfie with it. At the time I thought it was a good one, now that I look back at it, it looks like I'm taking a selfie with a dead monkey.

When we said bye to all the cute monkeys it was onto some caves. We got about an hour here. This was great fun because we could get our snorkels out and look at some pretty fish, having a gopro while snorkeling is definitely a must.

Our next big stop was Maya Bay. I was really looking forward to this stop to see if it truly is as beautiful as everybody says. I can honestly say that it is as beautiful, if not more so, than everyone describes. I've never seen water so clear or seen sand so white. You have to go to Maya Bay just to feel how soft the sand if on your toes. You will never feel sand so soft again. The beach is also crazy pretty, so many trees and just the most incredible ocean view. I really enjoyed myself here. You have to pay extra on the tour to go here and I honestly would recommend paying the extra 400 Baht because it is amazing.

There was also some people here who hired private boats over for the day. If you don't want to do the tour, that is another option. I don't think you can go to Phi Phi and not hit up Maya Bay.

The tour starts late in the afternoon so you don't get back until about 7:30 that evening. By then we were pretty pooped so we headed out for dinner and a second viewing of the fireworks and starlight to bed so we would have plenty of energy for our journey to Phuket in the morning.

Phi Phi was definitely one of my favourite islands so far. Lots to do, food is good, island is beautiful and our hotel was in the perfect location so it made going to places that bit more easier.

Swimsuit is from MISSGUIDED.

Keep an eye on this space for my Phuket trip.


Stephanie x