Koh Phi Phi.

Hello from Phi Phi.

From Koh Samui our big adventure to Koh Phi Phi started.  The overall journey took about 8 hours to reach our hotel. We did a ferry and bus combination to get here because it was a lot cheaper than flying to Phuket and getting a boat from there to Koh Phi Phi. I was actually surprised with how quickly this journey went by. I think it was because we were swapping transport almost every two hours and having a break in between it felt not as long as it was.

When we got to Koh Phi Phi we were lucky that our hotel was literally a five minute walk from the pier so we didn't have to pay for transport to the hotel. Here we stayed in Chao Kao hotel. Again, we were lucky with another really nice hotel. We stayed in the luxury garden view room here for five nights. There was definitely a difference between our room and the normal style rooms because they haven't been updated so they weren’t half as nice as ours was.

Our room was huge, with the coolest wooden fish art on the back wall as you seen on my insta-story (stephaniericci_). We didn't arrive to our hotel until about 6 that evening so what we did was unpack, plan our stay here and of course go for dinner and explore the shops/markets. There was a lot of art market shops around Koh Phi Phi. So many paintings I wanted to buy, but I fell in love with one painting in particular which was of a little girl. I think it's her eyes that really grab you. I was thinking about this painting all week and I finally gave in on our last night and bought it! I feel like if you can't get something off your mind, buy it. I felt so grown up buying my first piece of art for my future house.


On our second day we went looking for somewhere to go for breakfast. We came across the Mango Garden. As you can tell by the name, every dish had Mango in it. I got Mango sticky rice. This is a traditional Thai dessert that you'll be addicted to it if you ever visit Thailand. It sounds like such an odd combination at first, then you try it and you're hooked. As you can guess we came back here pretty much every day for breakfast.

We then got our hiking shoes on and headed for the view points in Phi Phi as it was due to be overcast all day, so what better to do than go for a hike. If we did it in the sun we probably would have melted. There are loads of really cool things around the grounds as you head up to each view point. There was lots of random giant strawberries and a sign that says “I love Phi Phi”. The view from the very top was so beautiful but again everyone here was so pushy and getting a bit too aggressive for my liking to get their picture that it almost ruins the vibe up here.

On our walk back to the hotel we noticed a Thai cooking school and decided to book a class for that evening at 18:00. I always said I wanted to do one while I was here so being able to do one was great! We cooked two dishes each and the teacher was so amazing and funny. He kept laughing at his terrible jokes which made us laugh even more. He truly loved his job and was very passionate about cooking.

After building up a sweat in the kitchen you get to sit down and eat your delicious dishes. I cooked sweet and sour chicken and sweet chilli chicken. Anyone who knows me would just laugh because that's all I order when I go to a Thai restaurant.

The next day we had a pool day followed by a delicious dinner along the sea front. Later that evening we met up with our Canadian friends we made in Koh Tao. We went to watch a traditional Muai Thai fight in a place called ‘Reggae Bar’. I wasn't up for this at first because I didn’t want to fund violence but when we got there they explained that it's just tourists doing it for fun and everyone is wearing protective gear so they can't get hurt… too badly...

When we finished watching people get black and blue we got some drinks and headed to the fire show along the beach, which was amazing! We haven't seen any fire shows since being here unless you count the drunk people at the full moon burning every part of their body on the fire skipping rope! If you’re in Phi Phi I highly recommend on going to the fire shows, they’re free and on every night at the two main beaches.

(Has anybody ever drank a coconut before?? I personally thought it was horrible, I think anyone who tells you they like it is lying, lol! Makes a great picture though!)

Read about the second half of my Phi Phi trip in my next post tomorrow.

Happy reading,

Stephanie x