Marina bay

Hey lovelies,

Singapore was definitely my favourite part of the trip. Don't get me wrong though, I did love Thailand and how beautiful it was, but there was something a little more special about Singapore that really did it for me.

We stayed in Singapore for a total of 10 days, this wasn't long enough if you ask me, purely because it was at the end of our six week adventure and I wasn't ready to go home just yet. I could of done with a few more days there to do a bit more exploring.

We started our stay by staying in the Marina Sands Hotel (yep, you heard me correctly). You may know this as the hotel with THE INFINITY POOL. We stayed here for three nights. This hotel is beyond amazing, it really was all about luxury, a lifetime experience and some great customer service. Our curtains were controlled by a remote control, need I say any more? We got lucky and had a room on the 31st floor with a fantastic view of the city. The view from the roof top was even more spectacular. I really liked that only hotel guests could experience the infinity pool wonder that it was, it was never too cramped with people which was ideal. If you weren’t staying at the hotel you could still go to the roof top bars and restaurants. Definitely recommend going to the bar that bit earlier so you can get a good seat with a view! There was also a balcony next to the restaurant's exclusive to hotel guests to take in the city view and get some great pictures. I loved how this part wasn't over crowded either.

For any fitness bunnies, the gym here is pretty big for a hotel gym and has a good selection of equipment; I only used the treadmill and weights. We stayed here for three nights and on our last night we decided to go up to the pool for chill time, we got amazing burgers and some bellinis. The pool closes at 11 o'clock at night so you have loads of time to relax. The staff were so nice here too. Oh and did I mention, opon arrival they give you us FREE mini cornettos!!?

There was the most amazing mall attached to the hotel filled with every store you could dream of. From YSL to Chanel, I was in pure dream mode. When you're in Singapore it is so easy to fall into the land of luxury and spend a crazy amount of money. We managed to save a bit by going to the big food hall they had in this mall. Everything here was more reasonable in price and had a good selection of different cuisines. We came here for breakfast and lunch when we stayed at the Marina Sans and then just went out for dinner along the bay or at the hotel in the evenings.

Outside the mall is the coolest Louis Vuitton store you'll ever see. At night it literally sparkles. Next to that was the science museum. This museum is a must see, I really enjoyed it, there was so much interactive and fun things to do. Yeah, it's probably more for kids, but if you still have a bit of fun in you you'll really enjoy it. There was a really cool part where you could colour in a picture of a car,  truck, spaceship, etc. then scan it and it appears on a huge projection on the wall of a city. Also, you have to go to this museum because it's where the famous light up tunnel is. When you stay at the hotel you get a discount on some things, one of which being the science museum, that was a bonus for us.

We went to the Gardens by the bay on one of the days we were here. We really wanted to see this at day and night time so we opted to go during the day while we were so close because it is free to see so we could afford to go as many times as we pleased. It's so incredible and big. We went into the rainforest dome too, you had to pay for that but it wasn't expensive. This was really cool, it holds the world’s largest indoor man made waterfall.

After living like royalty the past few days it was time to continue on Singapore adventure in Sentosa Island. 


Stephanie x