Mon cheri

Paris part two.

The weather in Paris was amazing, we decided to take advantage of this and have a picnic for breakfast. We went to the supermarket beside the hotel and got pastries and fruit for our morning picnic.

When we were done stuffing our faces with pastries and juicy strawberries we went for a walk around the area and ended up at the military museum. It's a really cool museum and their is the prettiest cafe inside called Angelina's. They did the best macaroons; I LOVE macaroons, I got a giant pistachio one.

Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren, Trousere and shoes: Mango, Earrings: H&M, Sunglasses: Primark.

We then went back to the hotel to change into some lighter clothing because we were dying in what we had on, it was over the 30 degrees celsius. That afternoon we went for a stroll down the Champs-Élysées towards the Arc de Triomphe. The shops and buildings on this street are just amazing. I stood outside Gucci for a good ten minutes wishing I had every bag in the window. We then passed the famous Lauderee shop, so of course we had to go in for just one more macaroon.

We then made our way to the Arc de Triomphe. We were silly tourists and didn't know you could actually go up it until we got home from Paris. So we just stood gazing at it and continued adventuring around the beautiful streets of Paris for the evening.

Top and shorts: H&M, Handbag: Miachel Kors, Shoes: Mango, Sunglasses: Primark.

Our last day I was going for a super easy yet sleek Parisian inspired look. I got these fab cigarette trousers and vest top from Zara. I then added some cool yellow sunnies and wicker bag from Primark. I think the accessories really brought this look to life. I'm having so much fun with sunglasses this summer. These yellow ones are so on trend at the moment.

We had an early start the following morning as we wanted to get stuff done before our flight home that evening. We got up super early to make our way to Château de Versailles. We pre booked our tickets thinking we were ahead of the game but it didn't make much of a difference as we still had to join quite possibly the biggest queue I have ever seen. We queued for literally an hour and a half. I don't think I even queued that long going into a Beyoncé concert. But we were there, we had our tickets and really wanted to see it so we bit the bullet and began the waiting game.

Paris trip tip number two: bring a hat. My head was so hot from standing in the blistering sun for that long that I actually burnt my scalp. Some people even mad hats out of the maps they picked up.

Top and trousers: Zara, Bag and sunglasses: Primark, Shoes: Mango.

Inside Château de Versailles it is absolutely stunning. You obviously don't get to see all 700 rooms. It was crazy busy inside so I found myself rushing out of it because I hate crowds and feeling squished, I find it very overwhelming. When we got out of the house you get to explore the huge huge huge gardens. There was so much space that literally nobody was on top of you and you could really enjoy the beauty of the gardens. This house is goals; the garden is like its own park alone! So amazing, definitely worth the wait. A must see.

After that we headed back towards our hotel for some lunch before heading to the airport that evening. I changed into a cool casual vintage inspired look. Here I have on a men's Asos yellow T (I didn't steal this from my boyfriend...... I borrowed it). I tied it at the front and rolled up the sleeves and paired it with my new vintage inspired jeans from H&M and of course my new Mango shoes that I am never taking off.

Top: ASOS (mens), Jeans and belt: H&M, Shoes: Mango, Bag: Chanel.

Thanks for reading my Paris adventure part two!

Stephanie x