Paris I am in love with you.

What a beautiful city. From the moment we arrived I knew I was going to fall in love with Paris for the few days we were there.

We flew with Ryanair into Paris Beauvais, which leaves you just outside the city. From the airport there is a shuttle bus which runs quite frequently to Paris city centre. This bus made life so much easier, it's literally waiting outside the airport so you can't get lost or miss it. The total journey time (bus then taxi) was just under an hour and a half. From the bus station in Paris we got a taxi to our hotel. Don't get a taxi right outside the bus station as they give you crazy prices and won't use the meter. We walked up the road for less than five minutes and found a taxi man willing to use his meter. The quotes we got were €30+ and we ended up paying around €12 only walking 5 minutes away from the bus stop. Paris tip of the day.

When we got to our hotel we got ready to go and explore Paris for the day. Our hotel was so fab, the rooms didn't look as big online as they were in person, but that was fine. Our hotel was called ‘Résidence Champ de Mars’ and it was literally a five minute walk from the Eiffel Tower (as you can imagine we spent a lot of time chilling on the grass area in front of it; amazing view). The location was perfect, bang slap in the middle of everything we wanted to see and do. I highly recommend this hotel as it wasn't too expensive for the area we were.

We spent the first day by the Eiffel Tower. We walked along the river across from it first, then got some ice cream and sat on the grass staring at the Eiffel Tower. We even saw a super cute couple getting engaged right in front of it. We didn't go up the Eiffel Tower because the queues were crazy and I was happy to save some dollars by admiring it from afar.

Shirt Ralph Lauren, jeans H&M, Shoes Mango, Bag and glasses Primark.

That evening we ate in a local tapas restaurant, sipped on some wine and headed back to the Eiffel Tower to see it light up. This also involved a crepe, or three (I have problems). The atmosphere was electric at night. Literally hundreds of people, both locals and tourists out to enjoy the hot weather and glittering Eiffel Tower. At 11pm every night it lights up and it is an absolute must see. It's magical and be sure to be there on time because it only lasts a few minutes. 

We love to walk, so our second day was spent that way. We woke up super early to get to the Louvre museum for 9 so we weren't queueing for hours. The museum itself is just amazing to see. If you know me by now you'd know I spent half of my time with my head in the sky looking at the architecture of buildings. This place is definitely one for that. The grounds surrounding the museum alone are breathtaking. We spent a good two hours here, you could spend the whole day here there really is so much to see. We got a little lost trying to find the Mona Lisa, but there was no way we were leaving without seeing it. I also had a mini fan girl moment in the Louvre when I seen the steps that Aimee Song (@songsofstyle) stood on in one of her Instagram pictures from her recent trip to Paris.

We then headed to our next stop; the Notre Dame. The hunchback of notre dame is one of my favourite movies of all time, so I had to see where Quasimodo lived. The cathedral is actually ginormous, I didn't think it would be as big as it was. The queue was long but definitely worth the wait. We found an amazing pizza place down one of the side streets that sold slices of pizza and me being the piggy that I am, had to get one. We sat by the river and stuffed our faces before we started our stroll home.

Dress Zara, Sunglasses Primark.

That evening was an exciting one as we went to see Moulin Rouge. You can't go to Paris without seeing it. This show was absolutely amazing. The girls in it are depressingly beautiful, incredible singers and can put Beyoncé dancers to shame (we all know how amazing they are). The choreography was out of this world, there was plenty of “OMG did that really happen” moments too (I'm not going to spoil anything but there was an act with a couple on rollerblades, I won't say anymore other than it was jaw droppingly fantastic). The costumes were just pieces of art, whoever designed them deserves an award because each piece was so beautiful right down to the very last bead. You can tell a lot of hard work and thought went into them. I could go on and on about this show, it's expensive but definitely a must see. Save the money, don't buy the shoes and top that will set you back €80 and buy your ticket for the Moulin Rouge, you will not be disappointed.

Keep an eye on this space for Paris part two.

Au Revoir,

Stephanie x