Mom jeans:Trending

Mom jeans are making a comeback.

mom jeans are the latest must have style jeans and I couldn't be happier. The vintage inspired , high waisted and light-wash denim pants are extremely popular right now. You'll see all your favourite go to fashion blogger wearing them at the moment, including my self.

I find the mom jean to be so comfortable to wear as it hides all the lumps and bums you want while looking super trendy. I've been stepping away from the super skinny jeans for a while now and I love the mom jeans. Not too skinny and not too wide on the leg either. The vintage shades of blue they come in are reply on trend, that raw denim look is what I'm all about at he moment.

Here I am wearing a really cool pair of stripped ones from Marks & Spencers. I got them during the summer. But definitely not where I would think to get a good pair of jeans but they actually have a really nice selection of styles there, so worth a visit guys. 

You can wear this look easily with a cool logo T, or chunky knit tucked in at the front for your casual A/W fix.

Peace & Love,



Stephanie x