Welcome to Marrakech

Marrakech, dream holiday. 

When we first arrived our flight got in late that evening and the taxi man dropped us about 10 minutes away from our hotel because he said he could not drive us any closer to it as it was in the square and no taxis are allowed in after 1pm. So we were here dragging our suitcases through hundreds of people and small alleyways to try find our hotel, this was a stressful start to the holiday for me. I felt really unsafe and unsure about where I was or my surroundings because I didn’t know about this law, I thought the taxi man was trying to rip us off. Well to be fair he did charge us €25 for literally a five minute taxi ride. 


We finally got to our beautiful hotel and I started to ease in. Once we dropped our luggage to the room we grabbed some food and the hit the hay so we could get up nice and early the next day.  We stayed in the Art Palace Hotel and Riad. I couldn’t recommend this hotel any more. It was beyond beautiful, pictures really didn’t do it justice. Our room was so fab and we were greeted with some traditional mint tea upon arrival. The hotel was split into two styles you could say. One had a more modern riad twist to it then the other had a very traditional Moroccan style feel to it. There was the nicest pool on the top floor with a small bar and plenty of sun loungers. The terrace was done so beautifully, there was flowers everywhere. It was literally overlooking the crazy street markets of Jemaa el-Fnaa, but once you were in the hotel it was peaceful and almost isolated from the chaos of the markets behind the doors.

Besides how breathtaking the hotel was, the staff were beyond friendly and helpful. They really made you feel welcome and like you were their friend. You could ask them anything, even on how much you should be paying for taxis etc and they would give you great advice. Even with restaurants they would be like no you want to go here the food is even better and it’s not as expensive, and every place they recommended was beyond our expectations.

On our first day we got our walking shoes on and made our way to the YSL Museum. Locals who were obviously trying to make a quick buck were telling us how it’s closed because it’s a national holiday but if we paid them they would take us somewhere else. Luckily, we didn’t believe them and continued on our way to what was far from a closed museum. The queue for this wasn’t too bad we literally waited maybe 10 minutes max to get in, including queuing to buy tickets.

The museum is more like an exhibition. The most amazing one you will ever see, even somebody who doesn’t love fashion would really appreciate this museum. Every single piece on display is literally like a piece of art, the work that goes into each piece was unbelievable. The beading and craftsmanship that went into constructing these garments is just amazing. It was so hard to even pick my top three pieces in there because they were all just out of this world. When you exit this room you then enter a really cute gift shop, this is next to a cool cafe and auditorium. We didn’t spend as long as I thought in here as the exhibition isn’t that big. It’s not too expensive to do either so definitely a must visit. 

Here I am wearing this stunning floral dress by Missguided that I got on ASOS, paired with the shoes I lived in all week from Aliexpress. I don’t think I could of loved these shoes any more. They were extremely comfortable to walk in and made each one of my looks feel more Moroccan. The dress was great to wear as it was so light and easy to wear paired with my denim jacket and Ralph Lauren backpack. 

Love always,  

Stephanie x