SS19 Pink

SS19 has officially hit the shop floor, before Christmas had even started.

Not sure if any of us are ready to be thinking about SS19 just yet, as we’ve had such a mild winter and we are still waiting for the cold weather to hit us. I am personally delighted with the warmer winter this year as I hate the cold. I love a cute jacket, but when its cold I literally turn into an eskimo.

I recently bought this coat from GANT (when I say recently I mean September gone and it has been sitting in my wardrobe since). I love it, I remember seeing this coat in the show room last summer and thought when this hits the shop floor I need to be called ASAP to buy it. Thankfully they called to say it came in, and this coat I was dying for has been sitting in my wardrobe, just waiting to be worn. I wanted to wait till it was turtle neck weather because I had an outfit in my head on how to style it.

GANT was clearly ahead of the game as this was part of their AW18 collection. I know most people aren't huge fans of GANT and consider it to be a preppy brand, but they are coming out with some cooler more fashionable pieces. I bought a pair of mom jeans there this summer gone and I literally live in them. They are super comfortable and really high waisted, I cannot wear trousers anymore if they aren't high waisted.

You’ll see pink coats a lot this spring, I’ve noticed them in some of the designer brands like Joseph and Acne Studios. Joseph pair theirs with a really cute pink turtle neck sweater, I now need a pink turtle neck to recreate this look too. I feel like I would love this in a pink on pink style too, maybe a cute pink dress or some fab wide leg pink trousers… drooling.

I was feeling extra glam that day so I added some fun Zara earrings and a headband from Monsoon to the look. My bag is vintage Versace, I got it from my momma. My polo neck is from Ralph Lauren and my trousers are Tiger Mist. 

What drew me to this coat was mainly the fact that IT'S NOT BLACK! I have so many black coats and go-to everyday clothes, so it is great to add a pop of colour to my wardrobe and I can just easily put it with some boots and jeans to make a stylish put-together look without that much effort needed.

After reading this post I’ve realised I sound so lazy but basically my point is, adding a cute pink coat is a fun, easy and versatile way to keep you on trend this spring summer.  


Stephanie x