The 10%.

I live in trainers and jeans a good 90% of my life and then that other 10% is the glam life.

As much of a casual gal I am at heart I do live for the glam times too. I love to get dressed up and be super fab, but only if I have time to get ready. I am so not a rush out the door and get ready in 10 minutes kind of person when it comes to a night out. During the day I can be ready and out the door in 5 if I need to. Uniform : jeans, trainers and a cosy jumper.


Tonight was one of them lets get dolled up and go for dinner, kind of nights. Here I am wearing a Joseph black Mongolian hair jumper (living in this jumper) a really cool knitted skirt I bought on aliexpress and paired it with these beautiful boots from Zara. I then accessorised this look with some cool plated earrings I got in mango, a cool fluffy bag and this black hairband that I have been living in from monsoon. I definitely think hairbands are having a moment and I’ve jumped on the band wagon and bought some. Not into the scarf hairbands just yet, I feel like they’re more summer 70s vibes.